Nine US airports introduce movie download kiosks

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Digiboo Zones have been installed at nine airports in the US, and the company now plans to introduce the service at hundreds of other airports.

So-called “Digiboo Zones” have been introduced at nine airports across the United States, providing a dedicated area where passengers can browse, purchase and download movies and TV programmes to their personal electronic devices ahead of departure.

The company intends to make the service available in 2,000 locations within 12 months, including airports, travel lounges, train stations and universities, and among the first to have them up and running are George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Indianapolis Airport, Minneapolis – St Paul International Airport, Portland Airport and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Passengers can use the Wi-Fi enabled kiosks to browse and purchase movies, which can then be download to smartphones, tablets and USB storage devices. The app-based service can also be run from servers, meaning kiosks do not necessarily need to be installed at all locations.

Movies are priced at $4.99 for new release rentals and $3.99 for others in the catalogue, and once downloaded the content is available for 30 days, or 48 hours once activated. Movies can also be purchased to own at a higher rate.

Richard Cohen, CEO of Digiboo, said: “Digiboo doesn’t require planning ahead or remembering to download before you leave your home. Our customers can quickly and conveniently pick up a movie or two for their trip without any hassle or disappointment, and they won’t need to be connected to the internet to watch. This allows them the freedom to enjoy their movie anytime and anywhere.” 

The news of the Digiboo Zone rollout comes just weeks after FTE highlighted the opportunities presented to airports by digital media kiosks, which can help to improve the passenger experience and provide a new source of ancillary revenue.



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