GEE acquires big data capabilities and sets sights on achieving ‘connected aircraft vision’

Global Eagle Entertainment
Global Eagle Entertainment’s acquisition of masFlight and navAero forms the foundation of the new Operations Solutions business line. (Image:

Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE) has announced the acquisition of two companies – masFlight and navAero – and will now create a dedicated Operations Solutions division, which the company says will help airlines leverage big data to “improve operations, realise cost efficiencies and enhance the overall passenger experience”.

While GEE’s expertise traditionally lies in providing Ku-band connectivity, operations solutions and media content, the two acquisitions will add broader value. masFlight provides a cloud-based business intelligence platform that processes and analyses big data, and navAero specialises in cockpit integration and electronic flight bag (EFB) solutions. The gravity of deal is highlighted by the fact that Global Eagle Entertainment already has in excess of 200 airline customers, navAero’s equipment is currently installed on more than 3,500 aircraft worldwide, and masFlight’s customer base include airlines, airports, OEMs and a variety of suppliers.

In GEE’s own words the new Operations Solutions business line “will offer industry-leading connected aircraft solutions, collecting real time aircraft data, transmitting information between aircraft and ground, processing and analysing information through cloud-based systems, and delivering business intelligence solutions to airlines worldwide.”

Commenting on the announcement, Dave Davis, CEO of GEE, said: “The combination of masFlight, navAero and our satellite-based connectivity system provide the foundation for our connected aircraft vision, helping airlines, airports and pilots make better decisions based on real-time information and analytics.”

The new Operations Solutions business line will be headed up by Josh Marks, CEO and Founder of masFlight. He said: “Next generation aircraft connectivity is the critical component that enables airlines to monitor, manage and improve flight operations in real time. navAero enhances our ability to collect aircraft data, and masFlight provides big data solutions that translate data into actionable information.”

He said “these acquisitions create a powerful end-to-end capability”, and added: “GEE has the vision, relationships and resources to develop integrated solutions that will help global aviation save billions of dollars each year and improve the overall passenger experience.”



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