New lie-flat premium seats unveiled by Hawaiian Airlines

The new 180-degree lie-flat seats will be installed on Hawaiian Airlines’ A330-200s, with the new seat set to debut in Q2 2016.

Hawaiian Airlines has unveiled its plans for its new A330 premium cabin, which will feature 180-degree lie-flat seats developed in partnership with Italian manufacturer Optimares. The airline says the seats will use an innovative seat platform to fold into 76-inch beds and will feature in-flight entertainment “powered by large-format tablets and equipped with a telescoping tablet arm that adjusts to optimise viewing angle and comfort”.

The seats, which will be configured 2-2-2, are expected to be installed on the first A330-200 by Q2 2016. The remaining 22 A330 aircraft will be retrofitted with the new premium cabin starting in September 2016.

The wide-reaching project will also see 28 additional Extra Comfort seats added to each A330. Passengers who pay for Extra Comfort get a seat pitched at 36 inches, priority boarding, in-seat entertainment and a personal power outlet.

New lie-flat premium seats unveiled by Hawaiian Airlines
The new-look premium cabin will feature 18 seats in the premium cabin, configured 2-2-2.

Whereas Hawaiian’s current A330-200s seat 294 passengers with 18 in Business/First, 40 in Extra Comfort and 236 in Economy, the newly configured aircraft will seat 16 fewer passengers, with 18 in Business/First, 68 in Extra Comfort and 192 in Economy.

Mark Dunkerley, President and CEO of Hawaiian Airlines, said: “We have designed an experience that will usher in a new era in premium service to Hawaii, one that resulted from a thorough review of guest feedback and intensive research to develop a best-in-class product for our long haul aircraft.”

The carrier has also worked with brand and design consultancy PaulWylde to ensure the cabin experience reflects the Hawaiian Airlines brand and Hawaii as a destination.



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