Alaska Airlines to install Boeing Space Bins on in-service B737s

The Space Bins can store up to six bags each – two more than the current storage overhead option for 737s.
The Space Bins can store up to six bags each – two more than the current overhead storage option for 737s.

Boeing has announced that it will be retrofitting Space Bins to 34 of Alaska Airlines’ in-service Boeing Sky Interior 737 aircraft over the next year.

The airline was the first to install the new overhead storage solution in October 2015 and plans to install it in around half of its aircraft by 2017. Space Bins increase capacity for carry-on baggage by up to 50 per cent, depending on the aircraft. On the B737s, each Space Bin will be able to store up to six bags – two more than the current product. When opened, the bottom edge of the deeper Space Bin hangs about 2 inches (5cm) lower, so travellers can lift their carry-on bags more easily.

Mark Eliasen, Treasurer and Vice President of Finance at Alaska Airlines, said: “Alaska is committed to making flying hassle-free and comfortable. Many passengers want to keep a bag in the cabin and Boeing’s Space Bins make it possible for virtually everyone to stow a wheeled suitcase. That’s why Alaska is thrilled to be equipping 100 per cent of our new jets with Space Bins and retrofitting all of our existing 737-900ERs.”

Mike Fleming, Vice President of Boeing Fleet Services, said: “Boeing works very closely with our customers to enhance their airplanes with features that improve the passenger experience. By providing our customers with a retrofit option for the Space Bins, we are allowing long-time 737 customers, like Alaska Airlines, the ability to keep their entire fleet current.”



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