Air China introduces new games to bolster 787-9 IFE offer

Envee will provide in-flight entertainment content for Air China’s Boeing 787-9 services.

Air China is working with Envee to provide its passengers with new gaming options on its in-flight entertainment (IFE) system on the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners. The content will initially be added to seven Dreamliners in Air China’s fleet.

“We understand the entertainment needs of the Chinese passenger and will continue to deliver beyond their expectations,” said Wu Xin, Founder of Envee.

Envee is providing the carrier with a variety of games popular in China. These include Mahjong, Chinese Chess and Landlord, in addition to other games that are likely to prove popular among international travellers.

For Air China, the addition of the gaming content is part of its strategy to provide a class-leading experience on its Dreamliners.

Captain Wang Yingnian of Air China stated: “We believe that the 787-9 will be the backbone of Air China’s international long-haul routes and will play an important role to support Air China’s international development strategy.”



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