All Nippon Airways becomes FlightPath3D’s 50th airline customer

Japanese carrier All Nippon Airways (ANA) is FlightPath3D’s 50th airline customer. Norwegian Air Shuttle was the first just five years ago.

All Nippon Airways (ANA) has been announced as FlightPath3D’s 50th airline customer in just five years.

FlightPath3D offers a compelling and innovative interactive 3D moving map experience enhanced with relevant and engaging ‘geotainment’ information services. The company leverages its patented technology to provide a breadth of location-based digital content that can be shown on seatback, mobile device or overhead displays.

FlightPath3D CEO Boris Veksler said: “We’re delighted to have reached this significant milestone and would like to thank all of our airline customers for choosing to work with us. Our ‘we will get it done’ attitude combined with rapid innovation has fuelled our growth. We were lucky to have Norwegian Air Shuttle as our first customer. They introduced our map on their 787 Dreamliner fleet and we’re continuing to innovate with them and will be adding our map to their short-haul fleet shortly.”

Commenting on the milestone, Boris Bubresko, Vice President Business Development at Norwegian Air Shuttle, said: “Back in 2013 when we selected Flightpath3D we looked at all of the available products in the ‘moving map’ space and FlightPath3D delivered by far the most engaging passenger experience. Since then, they’ve continued to innovate whilst providing a flexible and responsive service, paying attention to the details that we care about, delivering on time and making the map a painless experience for us.”

He added: “Our next FlightPath3D map implementation will be on our Wi-Fi solution and to our customer’s personal device – bringing the map even closer to the customer.”

FlightPath3D offers relevant and engaging ‘geotainment’ information services, allowing passengers to use their time on board to explore a raft of destination activities.

Go Ishiyama, Deputy Director, IFEC at All Nippon Airways, commented: “We selected FlightPath3D as they provide the most innovative moving map product in the market and could simultaneously integrate their map on both wireless and seatback IFE systems from different vendors on multiple aircraft types. They’re flexible, responsive and are constantly innovating to provide new valuable features.”

FlightPath3D President Duncan Jackson said the company is “beyond happy” to have ANA as its 50th airline customer. He added: “Airlines are our customers, but our focus is on providing an exceptional experience for passengers. We’re dedicated to innovation and agility so having the most map engineers in the IFEC sector means that we can add features, content and functionality every few months.”



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