Inflight Dublin to provide IFE content to TUI, Icelandair and SriLankan Airlines

Inflight Dublin was recently awarded the contracts to provide the latest IFE content to TUI, Icelandair and SriLankan Airlines.

Inflight Dublin was recently awarded the contracts to provide the latest IFE content to TUI, Icelandair and SriLankan Airlines.

Inflight Dublin’s collaboration with TUI aims to further improve the airline’s passenger experience through innovative content.

Inflight Dublin covers licensing, programming and delivery of inflight content for the TUI airlines in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and the Nordics. Content includes blockbuster movies, television programmes, eclectic audio selections, and broadcasts in eight languages, including English, German, French, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish.

The new IFE content is available across the fleet of TUI’s Boeing 787 and 767 (in-seat IFE) and the Boeing 737NG (overhead IFE).

John White, Inflight Dublin’s CEO commented: “We are delighted that TUI has recognised our expertise in IFE content and chosen to partner with us. It gives us great pride to work with an industry leader like TUI, and we look forward to providing the greatest level of service to their member airlines and customers.”

Inflight Dublin’s partnership with Icelandair is said to significantly improve Icelandair’s passenger experience through an extensive catalogue of fresh content that aligns with the airline’s desire to provide the best entertainment for its customers. Content will include an inventory of recent Oscar-winning films, as well as a large selection of family-favourite classics, along with the choice to view numerous popular comedy and drama TV boxsets. The passenger offering will also include a collection of locally produced movies, television shows, audio albums, and audiobooks in native Icelandic.

Birna Osk Einarsdottir, Chief Sales and Customer Experience Officer of Icelandair, said: “The new contract with Inflight Dublin is a great step forward for us. Our commitment to delivering the best travel experience to our passengers will be enhanced by offering the very latest movies, television shows and audio programming on our flights.”

Inflight Dublin’s White added: “We are absolutely delighted to begin working with Icelandair and continue our expansion across Europe. Inflight Dublin’s vision of offering the very best content and innovative services to passengers aligns with Icelandair’s dedication to delivering an excellent passenger experience. It gives us great pride to work with such a recognisable brand, and we look forward to providing the best possible level of service.”

In other news, Inflight Dublin has also been appointed by SriLankan Airlines to provide IFE services for the next three years. SriLankan’s offering will be enhanced through the collaboration with Inflight Dublin and the provision of a substantial collection of Hollywood new release titles, classics choices, international movies, popular TV shows and a diverse selection of audio content.

Vipula Gunatilleka, CEO of SriLankan Airlines, says: “We are very excited to begin this new chapter with Inflight Dublin. Inflight entertainment is a key area of improving passenger experience and by working with IFD [Inflight Dublin] we will now be able to offer a superior level of service. All the latest content being made available to our passengers supports our goal of providing our customers with truly a unique travel experience.”

The partnership between Inflight Dublin and SriLankan Airlines is expected to deliver a boost to the passenger experience through the provision and extensive promotion of high-quality and current inflight entertainment.

“We are delighted that SriLankan Airlines recognises Inflight Dublin’s experience in the area of content and innovation, and we are very proud to have been awarded the contract. We look forward to providing them with the highest standard of service for the benefits of its passengers,” commented White.



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