SkyTeam launches ‘Carry-on Calculator’ as part of innovation efforts to deliver “seamless customer journey”

SkyTeam has introduced a ‘Carry-on Calculator’ tool, which compares the hand baggage allowances of every member airline in the traveller’s schedule as part of efforts to deliver a “seamless customer journey”.

Customers connecting between SkyTeam member airlines can travel with confidence knowing their hand baggage complies with every airline in their itinerary, thanks to the alliance’s new ‘Carry-on Calculator’.

Available on, customers simply enter their class of travel and the airlines they are flying with and the calculator does the rest in seconds, giving them peace of mind before they head to the airport.

The SkyTeam-developed tool is the latest innovation in SkyTeam’s mission to deliver “the most seamless customer journey of any global airline alliance”. The Carry-on Calculator quickly compares the hand baggage allowances of every airline in the customer’s schedule, basing results on the most restrictive carry-on and personal item allowance for every flight, including bag dimensions and maximum weight.

“Not having the correct hand baggage can mean customers encounter the unexpected stress of having to check-in items at the gate, particularly during the peak travel season,” said Patrick Roux, CEO, SkyTeam. “Thanks to SkyTeam’s new Carry-on Calculator tool, customers can quickly find out how much they can bring onboard and enjoy their journey, knowing their travel essentials will be within limits and within reach on the aircraft.”


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