Exclusive: BIAL, PIT, Virgin Atlantic, AirAsia & easyJet share game-changing recommendations from FTE APEX Business Model Transformation Think Tank; and call for industry cooperation to build upon it

The key recommendations from the FTE APEX Business Model Transformation Think Tank – our most ambitious Think Tank to date – were unveiled during this week’s FTE APEX Virtual Expo. In support of the ‘Transforming air transport post-COVID-19’ theme, the Think Tank team worked together to explore and identify how airlines, airports and their partners can embrace new approaches and collaborate more closely in exciting new ways to help generate new revenues and improve the passenger experience.

The forward-thinking group was led by team captain Satyaki Raghunath, Chief Strategy & Development Officer, Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL), who was joined by key industry players Javed Malik, Group COO, AirAsia; Christina Cassotis, CEO, Pittsburgh International Airport; Juha Jarvinen, CCO, Virgin Atlantic and President Emeritus, APEX; and Robert Carey, CCO, easyJet. Together they shared a vision for redefining two key areas of the travel experience: the way passengers purchase and consume food & beverage (f&b), and providing passengers with a reliable and seamless end-to-end baggage experience.

“This has been one of the best exercises I have done recently and what has really stood up for me is that we have been able to come together across continents to create something that has a lot of potential,” said Raghunath. “All of us together believe that we can do something jointly between airlines, airports and other stakeholders.”

Raghunath also called for other industry partners to get involved and come forward with suggestions on how to support these initiatives and drive the industry’s business transformation forward.

Future Travel Experience is committed to building upon this ground-breaking project throughout 2021. In the months to come, we will be issuing a comprehensive recommendations document and a series of proof of concept projects running between stakeholders around the world proving the viability of this approach. If you would like to contribute to the Think Tank, you can submit your ideas and recommendations here.

Key timings:

04:30 – Opportunities – collaboration; health safety and hygiene; customer experience; redefining processes.

20:07 – Key focus on embracing digitalisation; providing personalised services; reducing complexities and costs; developing mutually beneficial commercial opportunities; promoting health; safety and hygiene.

20:51 – Concept #1: Redefining F&B – an opportunity to redefine the way travellers purchase and consume food & beverage (F&B) products.

48:01 – Potential next steps for redefining retail – creating a collaborative, wide-reaching e-commerce platform.

50:08 – Concept #2: Redefining baggage ­– an opportunity to redefine the end-to-end baggage experience

1:08:10 – Key takeaways.

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