Boeing 777X to enhance onboard passenger experience

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The new Boeing 777X will include resized, repositioned windows, advanced cabin lighting and the widest cross-section in its class.

Boeing has offered an insight into the onboard experience of 2020 with the launch of the 777X aircraft, which will include a number of passenger-focused features aimed at enhancing the onboard experience.

A number of technologies used in the 787 Dreamliner have been applied to the 777X, while it will feature the largest cross-section in its class. The windows have been repositioned and resized to provide more ambient light inside the cabin and better views outside, while advanced cabin lighting technologies have been applied. Boeing also says the aircraft will be the most fuel-efficient twin-engine commercial aircraft in the industry.

Scott Fancher, Vice President and General Manager of Airplane Development at Boeing, said: “The 777X builds on the heritage of the 777-300ER and incorporates many advanced technologies designed for the 787 to create a new standard for wide-body airplanes. It will truly be a worthy successor to the 777-300ER.”

Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways and Lufthansa have already placed orders for the new Boeing 777X, which will enter production in 2017.

Read our interview with Rachelle Ornan, Boeing Commercial Airplanes’ Regional Director, Passenger & Cabin Experience, Revenue Analysis, to find out what else Boeing has planned for airlines and passengers of the future.



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