GuestLogix CEO: Airlines are still a long way away from taking advantage of personalisation to boost onboard ancillary revenues

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FTE Editor Ryan Ghee spoke to Brett Proud, President & CEO, GuestLogix at FTE Global 2014 in Vegas.

GuestLogix President & CEO Brett Proud sat down with FTE Editor Ryan Ghee at FTE Global 2014 to discuss how airlines can exploit the untapped ancillary revenue potential offered by aircraft e-enablement. In the above video, Proud explains:

  • How airlines can exploit the rise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the shift towards onboard passenger self-service to increase in-flight ancillary revenues;
  • Why airlines are “so far away from taking advantage of personalisation” and how they can make improvements in this space;
  • Why passengers are right to be concerned about data protection and privacy;
  • Why the in-flight entertainment players will be the “big winners” from the emergence of NFC and cloud-based payment solutions; and
  • Why many airlines’ efforts to merchandise onboard ancillaries are being held back by a lack of “true retail talent”.



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