London Heathrow set to roll-out facial recognition security checks

Following a successful trial alongside the UK Border Agency, London Heathrow Airport will implement infrared facial recognition checks to heighten security.

All passengers travelling through Terminals 1 and 5 will be subject to the check when they present their boarding pass before boarding their flight.

The idea behind the implementation of the biometric checks is to ensure an international traveller cannot swap tickets with a domestic passenger in the departure lounge.

The system being used is the Aurora Imaging Recognition system, which can confirm the identity of the average passenger in five seconds.

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  1. Todd Snow

    Can anyone tell me if this new security procedure is mandatory for everyone coming through the airport or do you have to pre-register? Just for connecting flights? Cheers!

    • Ryan Ghee

      Every passenger travelling from LHR Terminals 1 and 5 must undergo the infrared facial recognition checks. However, there is no need to pre-register as the checks simply take place when the boarding pass is presented.