Alaska Airlines and Sea-Tac partner on TSA’s PreCheck programme

Alaska Airlines now offers TSA PreCheck expedited security screening to selected members of its frequent flyer programme, becoming the third airline to do so after Delta and American Airlines.

The initiative is available at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, which becomes the thirteenth US airport to take part in the scheme.

PreCheck is part of the TSA’s effort to implement risk-based security concepts to enhance security. More than 820,000 domestic passengers have made use of the expedited screening facilities since it was launched in October last year.

Paul Leyh, Director of Aviation, Office of Security Policy and Industry Engagement, TSA, said: “The expansion of TSA PreCheck to Sea-Tac Airport is noteworthy because our partnership with Alaska Airlines adds another participating carrier to this effort.

“Risk-based security and TSA’s goal of providing travellers the most effective security in the most efficient way requires including as many passengers, airports and airlines as possible.”

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