TSA to adopt Bluetooth-based queue management system

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has announced that it will adopt a Bluetooth-based queue management system that will automatically measure and display the queuing time at key checkpoints in US airports.

The solution, which has been developed by SITA and Bluelon, uses Bluetooth technology to measure passenger traffic patterns at TSA security checkpoints.

This will allow waiting times to be displayed in real-time on screens at each checkpoint.

Paul Houghton, SITA president, Americas, said: “TSA is continuing to improve the experience for passengers at security checkpoints in US airports. SITA’s air transport industry experience allows us to help the TSA work more effectively in this environment.”

» More information is available here.



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  1. bill

    Let’s hope the Thousands Standing Around don’t just DISPLAY the wait times,but do something to reduce them. Telling me I’m going to be 20 minutes late doesn’t help.
    99.9999% of the people are not a threat. Figure out who they are.

  2. D

    I’m struggling with this one – what is the source of all the Bluetooth broadcasts they are going to monitor?? Most people have Bluetooth off (to save power) in their phones.

    Sounds like a “complicate the following” solution to me and that the Mark One Human Eyeball is a pretty good indicator of the size of the queue??

  3. Queuing system

    Agreed, I wonder how thoroughly you can search that queue management and number of people and still maintain the pace…