TSA extends PreCheck to non-frequent fliers

The Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) PreCheck programme is going to be made available for the first time to passengers who are not members of a frequent flier programme.

At present, only those who are members of a frequent flier scheme can apply to join PreCheck, which allows for expedited screening at 40 US airports through the use of pre-screening checks.

Soon, though, passengers will be able to fill out an online application, verify their identity and provide fingerprints at a TSA PreCheck enrolment centre, and pay $85 to join the scheme. The first two enrolment centres will be opened at Washington Dulles International and Indianapolis International airports this autumn.

TSA PreCheck is a pre-screening initiative that makes risk assessments on passengers who voluntarily participate prior to their arrival at the airport. Those who have registered and are deemed to be ‘low-risk’ can pass through airport security without removing their shoes or belt, and can leave their laptop in its carry case.



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