Singapore Airlines offers travel updates via Google Now

Singapore Airlines offers travel updates via Google Now
Google Now is available for Singapore Airlines passengers who book directly through the carrier’s website.

Singapore Airlines customers who book their flights via the Singapore Airlines website can now view up-to-date travel information ahead of their flight.

Among the information passengers can access via Google Now is the latest flight status updates, information on airport terminals and departure gates, as well as weather forecasts for the destination.

In order to use the service, passengers simply have to provide a Gmail email address during the booking process and download the Google Search app from the Apple Store. The feature is also built in to Android 4.1+ devices.

Chin Yau Seng, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, Singapore Airlines, said: “We are constantly seeking opportunities to improve our customers’ travel experience with us. The integration of our website with Google Now will reduce the hassle of having to remember important travel information and provide customers with relevant information about their destinations.”



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