Copenhagen Airport asks travellers to help define the airport of the future

The CPH Ideas portal
The CPH Ideas portal is a crowdsourcing initiative that is designed to make it easier for passengers to communicate what they would like to see at Copenhagen Airport.

Copenhagen Airport is asking travellers to send in their ideas for the airport of the future, with the most popular suggestions to be evaluated by the airport.

Via the new CPH Ideas portal, people can put their ideas forward and others can then vote on whether they like the idea or not. The suggestions that get the most votes could potentially be incorporated in future developments at Copenhagen Airport.

Airport Terminal of The Future
FTE Global 2014, 24-26 September, Las Vegas, will host the Airport Terminal of the Future Members Forum, which will explore the future trends, design concepts and technologies that will help define the future airport terminal.

Karen Bender, Copenhagen Airport’s E-Commerce & Marketing Director, said: “Each year, we make more than 100,000 passenger interviews, so we are already evaluating their views on the existing airport.

“But we would also like to know more about what they are missing at Copenhagen Airport and to get their ideas for new, odd, fun or different facilities that they have come across in other parts of the world.

“It does not have to be at an airport. It may be at a camp site or a luxury hotel, as long as it would contribute to making Copenhagen Airport a more exciting place to travel from.”

Among the suggestions that have been put forward so far are an observation deck for passengers, a roof terrace, an aviation experience centre and more charging stations for passengers’ electronic devices.



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