Qantas rolling out auto check-in across domestic network

Qantas’ Auto Check-in service is currently being rolled out across the carrier’s Australian domestic network.

Qantas is rolling out its “three-click” Auto Check-in service on its domestic network, following a successful trial, which started in December.

Customers who have provided a mobile phone number during the booking process will receive an SMS with a web link from Qantas ahead of their flight. When the recipient clicks on the link they are directed to a dangerous goods declaration, and after confirming that they are not travelling with any prohibited items, they automatically receive their mobile boarding pass.

Anyone who wishes to change their seat can then click on the seat number on the boarding pass, which directs them to a digital seating map from which they can select another available seat.

The service is now being rolled out across the carrier’s Australian domestic network for single passenger bookings, with the exception of 12 smaller airports served by Qantas.



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