Abu Dhabi Airport introduces new hand luggage screening system

The new security screening allows processing of four times the amount of baggage as conventional systems.
The new security screening system can increase the speed at which passengers complete the security search process by four-fold.

Passengers at Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 3 will be able to move more quickly through the security checkpoint, thanks to the introduction of a new hand luggage screening system.

The Automated Tray Return System (ATRS) has two buffer stations, seven redress stations, four reject stations and two search stations. It works with a Hi-Scan 7555 aTix machine and has two operator workstations which are located in a remote screening room, so images of the bags can be analysed remotely. Any trays containing suspect articles are diverted to the search area, without slowing down those passengers and bags behind.

In addition, there are four stations for passengers to prepare for the screening process, rather than the conventional one. The end result is that the security screening process can be completed up to four times more quickly than in regular lanes.

Mohammed Al Katheeri, Acting Chief Operations Officer at Abu Dhabi Airports, said: “We are constantly looking at ways that we can innovate and provide our passengers with a smooth, world class travel experience. The Automated Tray Return System with a remote screening feature in Terminal 3 at AUH is the latest best-in-class addition to an array of technologies that we have put in place. We can now process more passengers per hour in a secure and controlled environment, improving overall operational efficiency and enhancing public safety and security.”



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