Ryanair enhances ‘Rate my Flight’ with new languages and star ratings

The app previously used emoticons to judge the experience but now is using a 5-star system.
The app previously used emoticons to judge the experience but is now using a five-star system.

Earlier this year, Ryanair rolled out its app-based ‘Rate my Flight’ service, as part of its ‘Always Getting Better’ programme and now the airline has updated the feature to make it more accessible and accurate for a wide variety of passengers.

Rate my Flight offers passengers the ability to rate several areas of their journey: overall experience, boarding, service onboard, crew friendliness, and range of food and drink.

It is now available in seven different languages – Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish.

In addition, the way passengers rate the flight has changed. While previously it was a series of emoticons for ‘Poor’, ‘OK’ and ‘Very Good’, they can now rate their experience using stars, with one meaning ‘very poor’ and five meaning ‘very good’.

Ryanair has said that over 8,000 UK and Irish passengers used the service in June and July, and 89% said they were happy with the overall experience.

Head of Communications at the airline, Robin Kiely, said: “We welcome all customer feedback so that we can continue to improve all aspects of the Ryanair customer experience.

“Customers who want to rate their flight should download the Ryanair app, allow for push notifications, and will be sent the survey through the app upon landing.”



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