Austrian Airlines introduces Facebook Messenger virtual assistant

The myAustrian Messenger is currently available in English but other languages will soon be supported.

Austrian Airlines has launched its new myAustrian Messenger service on the Facebook Messenger platform.

Travellers can use the chatbot to find out information on their flight status and baggage allowance, for instance, while it can also be used to search for flights and destination information.

The myAustrian Messenger, which was developed by the airline in partnership with Ambuzzador and TheVentury, is linked to a databank, which holds the answers to a number of frequently asked questions. Travellers also have the option of speaking to a human agent if they would prefer a more personal customer service interaction.

“The advantage for our customers is getting answers to their inquiries in just a few seconds as well as the round-the-clock support”, said Karl Höllriegl, Social Media Manager, Austrian Airlines.

Thanks to the introduction of the automated Facebook Messenger service, Austrian Airlines’ employees will also be able to dedicate more time to more complex passenger enquiries.

At present, the service is only available in English but other languages, including German, will be added in the future. Other services, including check-in, will also be introduced.



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