Singapore Airlines becomes first Asian carrier to join TSA PreCheck

Members of the TSA PreCheck programme do not have to remove jackets, belts, laptops, liquids and shoes at participating airport security checkpoints. (Image: TSA)

Singapore Airlines has become the first Asian carrier to participate in the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) PreCheck programme.

TSA PreCheck enables low-risk known travellers to enjoy expedited processing at airport security checkpoints across the US. PreCheck members have access to separate security screening lanes, where they do not have to remove jackets, belts, laptops, liquids and shoes.

Enrolment in the TSA PreCheck programme is open to US citizens and lawful permanent residents. However, non-US citizens can also enjoy the benefits of the programme through various Customs & Border Protection (CBP) trusted traveller programmes, such as Global Entry, NEXUS and SENTRI. Singapore citizens are eligible to apply to join the Global Entry programme for a fee.

Successful applicants of the TSA PreCheck programme or other CBP trusted traveller programmes receive a Known Traveler Number (KTN) which may be provided to the airline during booking or check-in. Once the customer’s KTN is recognised, the TSA PreCheck logo will be printed on their boarding pass, indicating that their KTN has been captured in their booking record.

Travellers can now provide their KTN across Singapore Airlines’ various check-in or booking channels, including its call agents, online reservations system, and online check-in via the airline’s website or app, in addition to checking in at the airport counter. 

As a partner airline under the TSA PreCheck programme, Singapore Airlines will also be able to offer customers travelling to and from the US the option of having a self-printed boarding pass and/or mobile boarding pass.



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  1. Attention All Passengers

    Who pays for this, the government of Singapore ?…..or dopey Americans that get the bill? Why is a U.S. agency being used in a foreign country – let them get and pay for their own security measures.

    • Ryan Ghee

      It is the individual traveller who pays. In this case, Singaporean nationals can apply for membership of Global Entry ($100). If accepted, they can enjoy TSA PreCheck at airports in the United States only, not in other countries.