FTE Startup Hub goes live – JetBlue Technology Ventures announced as launch Corporate Partner

JetBlue Technology Ventures has been announced as the launch Corporate Partner of the new FTE Startup Hub, which will make it as easy as possible for airlines, airports and other corporates to engage with air transport and travel startups.

Future Travel Experience (FTE) has unveiled the FTE Startup Hub and announced JetBlue Technology Ventures as the launch Corporate Partner.

The FTE Startup Hub has been developed to make it as easy as possible for corporate innovators and startups in the air transport and travel sector to connect both digitally and physically, engage in meaningful discussions, and lay the foundations for future collaboration. It consists of two core elements: a comprehensive online repository of the most relevant startups and scaleups, and a platform to facilitate face-to-face engagement between Corporate Partners and the startups and scaleups that are of interest to them.

Bonny Simi, President, JetBlue Technology Ventures, said: “JetBlue Technology Ventures invests in, incubates and partners with early-stage startups at the intersection of technology and travel to improve the entire travel experience. We are proud to have over a dozen startups in our portfolio already, but we are hungry to partner with many more around the world.

“Following our very successful collaboration with FTE for the startup competition at FTE Global 2017 in Las Vegas, we are delighted to now be the launch Corporate Partner for the FTE Startup Hub. I am sure this Hub will provide an invaluable new ecosystem for Corporate Partners and startups from every corner of the world to engage with one another both digitally and in person.”

Free for startups and low-cost for corporates

JetBlue Technology Ventures is the first FTE Startup Hub Corporate Partner.

Daniel Coleman, Founder, Future Travel Experience, commented: “The air transport industry, and the wider travel sector, is rife for disruption and airlines, airports and their established partners recognise the fact that much of the innovation in this industry will be driven by startups in the coming years. We know that the majority of corporate organisations really want to engage with startups and scaleups but the demands of the day job can make it difficult to dedicate time and resource to working out which ones can help with their innovation efforts.

“While some other platforms in the marketplace can offer support in this area, they are not air transport and travel specific, and they tend to charge huge sums for the privilege. In contrast, the FTE Startup Hub is a high-quality, low-cost platform that is laser-focused on the air transport and travel sector.”

The FTE Startup Hub focuses on four core areas: Inspiration & Booking, Airport, Inflight, and Pre- & Post-Travel, mirroring Future Travel Experience’s focus on improving the end-to-end travel experience.

For Corporate Partners, such as airlines, airports, established industry suppliers and various other organisations, low-cost membership of the FTE Startup Hub comes with a number of benefits, including: access to the industry’s leading online repository of the most relevant startups and scaleups; access to the Startup Hub face-to-face meeting platform; entry to dedicated FTE Startup Hub meet-ups and pitch competitions; a full delegate pass to one of FTE’s acclaimed events; and access to an ecosystem of like-minded Corporate Partners.

Startups and scaleups can list their company profile on the online FTE Startup Hub repository for free and also have complimentary access to a number of additional benefits. These include: entry to FTE Startup Hub pitch competitions; access to a network of Corporate Partners and other startups/scaleups; and entry to Startup Hub meet-ups with Corporate Partners around the world.

For more information, visit the FTE Startup Hub website.



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