Finnair to accept COVID-19 vaccination certificates for entry into Finland

Finnair has announced that it will start accepting a COVID-19 vaccination certificate from the first vaccination dose as an alternative to a negative test result on Finnair flights to Finland from 11 May.

The carrier will accept vaccination certificates for all COVID-19 vaccines approved by the World Health Organisation or the European Medical Agency. The vaccine needs to be administered at least 21 days before the travel date, and the certificate needs to include the customer’s name, date of birth, the name of the vaccine producer, the time and place the vaccine was administered, as well as the issuer of the certificate.

“Vaccines have proven their power in fighting the pandemic, and vaccination certificates will play a key role in the upcoming EU Digital Green Certificate to ensure the health and safety of travellers,” says Kimmo Ketola, Medical Director at Finnair. “The likelihood of a vaccinated person being infected and transmitting COVID-19 is very small.”

As an alternative to the vaccination certificate, customers can present proof of a negative COVID-19 test result.



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