Virgin Voyages’ first cruise ship sets sail with advanced check-in system

As part of its Voyage Well initiative, Virgin Voyages has introduced a new online check-in system as well as free antigen testing at the terminal.

The first Virgin Voyages cruise ship set sail on 6 August after delays due to COVID-19 pushed back the launch by over a year. The Scarlet Lady vessel departed Portsmouth at 7pm for a three-day sailing around the UK.

To streamline the check-in process, Virgin Voyages has introduced an online check-in system where passengers need to download an app onto their mobile device in which they then entered their reservation number, followed by a request to take images of themselves and their passports together with credit card details for on-board expenses.

As part of its Voyage Well initiative, Virgin Voyages requires all passengers aged 18+ to be fully vaccinated, and has introduced free antigen testing at the terminal. Travellers also have to complete a health-check form pre-sail.

Virgin Voyages’ VP of eCommerce Mariana Fonseca Medina will deliver a special keynote address at the upcoming FTE Global+ show on 7-9 December, Las Vegas, on “The Virgin view of the future of travel, and how their efforts across air, sea and space will interconnect”. Find out more and register to attend here.


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