Dallas/Fort Worth adopts biometric-based CLEARcard

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The CLEARcard system is now available at four US airports: Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Orlando and San Francisco.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport has become the fourth US airport to adopt the biometric-based CLEARcard, which allows passengers to complete the security screening process in less than five minutes.

To join the scheme, passengers can register online for a CLEARcard, which costs $179, and then verify their identity at an enrolment centre using their e-Passport. At participating airport security checkpoints, the passenger can then simply present their card at a kiosk, verify their identity via biometric recognition, and then pass through a designated CLEAR security lane.

As well as Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport’s Terminal E, CLEARcard can also be used at Denver, Orlando and San Francisco airports.

Last month, the CLEAR initiative was awarded Safety Act Certification by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, making it the only expedited traveller solution to be placed on the ‘Approved Product List for Homeland Security’.

More information on CLEAR can be found here »



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