SITA and BCS deliver 25-second bag drop at Brisbane Airport

SITA and BCS deliver 25-second bag drop at Brisbane Airport
The new bag drop system developed by SITA and BCS Group has been installed at Brisbane Airport and has reduced the self-bag drop time to less than 25 seconds per passenger.

Brisbane Airport has installed a new bag drop system developed by SITA and BCS Group, which enables passengers to complete the bag drop process in just 25 seconds.

Passengers on Jetstar’s domestic flights are the first to experience the system and as it progresses it will be expanded to include other airlines flying both domestic and international routes.

Roel Hellemons, General Manager Strategic Planning and Development, Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC), said: “Peak times are already busy and will only become busier, so we are committed to using the best technology to improve operations, enhance the passenger experience and to make optimum use of the space we have available.

“This initial phase of self-bag drop deployed by SITA and BCS is a perfect example of this with the new self-service bag drop process taking less than 25 seconds per bag. The solution also delivers space efficiency to maximise the number of baggage injection points. These initial results are very promising and we look forward to SITA’s common-use capability and including other airlines in this project.”

To use the new service, Jetstar passengers simply check-in at the kiosk, attach the bag tag then drop the bag at the self-bag drop station where it is automatically processed. The bag is then weighed, the tag is scanned, the bag measured and dispatched for the flight.

Ilya Gutlin, SITA President, Asia Pacific, said: “Passengers are requesting self-service but according to the latest SITA Passenger Self-Service Survey close to half of those checking in at desks do so because of the need to check in a bag. The same survey shows that 65% of passengers are interested in self-service bag drop. We at SITA see both airlines and airports responding to this demand. At Brisbane, the airport is taking the lead and that is why we are working with the team at BAC to try out a common-use solution, which will handle multiple airlines.”

Gutlin continued: “The results to date at Brisbane are very encouraging with bag drop taking just 25 seconds. This compares very favourably to installations at other airports, which have been reported as taking considerably longer. In addition to this fast processing, self-service bag drop devices are always open and so they can ‘eat the peaks’ while airline personnel focus on service and support.”

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