United Airlines passengers can now skip baggage claim

The BagsVIP service.
Passengers flying with United Airlines can skip the wait at the baggage carousel and opt for their bags to be delivered straight to their hotel with the BagsVIP service, which delivers luggage to within 100 miles of Boston, Chicago, Honolulu, Houston, Los Angeles and Orlando airports.

United Airlines has partnered with baggage transportation company BagsVIP to provide the a same-day baggage delivery solution, which is currently available to passengers flying from any location in the US and arriving at airports Orlando, Los Angeles, Houston, Honolulu, Chicago and Boston. The Chicago-based airline plans to implement the service to 190 domestic airports in the next few months.

Luggage can be transported to within a 100-mile radius of the airports for an additional charge, while the standard courier service is offered for between $29.95 for one bag and $49.95 for three to eight bags delivered to within 40 miles. BagsVIP promises to deliver baggage to the designated location within four to six hours after the flight’s arrival, depending on the location’s distance from the airport.

Tom O’Toole, Senior Vice President Marketing and Loyalty, United Airlines, said: “United’s new baggage delivery service offers an alternative for travellers who prefer the convenience of having their checked bags delivered directly to their homes, offices or hotels. Our customers have told us this type of option adds value to their travel experience.”



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  1. Nikhil

    I don’t know about airlines getting into fringe services. Firstly, they can barely bring bags one airport to the next. Now, United wants to transport bags from one airport to the next to a home or hotel 100 miles away. If this strategy is result of what customers have told United, they should maybe heed to more pertinent feedback like easier access to frequent flier redemption, better service at their CORE business – in flight and at the airport counters, etc.

    • Ken C

      @ Nikhil. United is simply contracting BagsVIP to offer this additional service. While you bring up some good points, fixing the core of the airline industry is much more difficult than adding an option that will be valued by many and that United does absolutely nothing to operate. I for one will use this service!