Facial recognition system deployed at Edinburgh Airport

Achieving the end-to-end biometric enabled airport
MFlow Journey, Human Recognition Systems’ state-of-the-art facial recognition system, has been deployed at Edinburgh Airport, enabling it to respond quickly to avert congestion within the passenger security area.

Human Recognition Systems’ MFlow Journey – a state-of-the-art facial recognition system – was recently deployed at Edinburgh Airport. The queue measurement solution has been installed to measure the journey time of the 13,000 passengers who pass through security at the airport every day. By proactive measurement of the actual flow of passengers and operating efficiency, Edinburgh Airport is able to respond quickly to avert congestion within the passenger security area. Passengers benefit from a smoother and faster journey through security and are able and prepared to enjoy more time in the leisure and retail areas of the airport. “Using state-of-the-art passive facial recognition, MFlow Journey provides the most accurate real-time information on passenger flow through the airport. Other technology options rely on passenger interaction, and therefore passenger delay, or rely on passengers carrying specific technology such as Bluetooth or WiFi enabled devices, which is far less accurate, not least as those not carrying devices, or devices of the right flavour with the WiFi and/or Bluetooth switched on, won’t be counted,” said Jim Slevin, Aviation Business Unit Manager, Human Recognition Systems.

The company’s vision is the concept of ‘Ticketless Travel’ based on an end-to-end biometric enabled airport. It also recently completed a successful trial at London Gatwick Airport to show how the airports of tomorrow could use biometrics to personalise each person’s journey through the airport. It worked with the airport to create a mobile app, which could act as the passenger’s constant source of information and guide through the airport.



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