Self-service airport security system unveiled

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Dr Lisa Dolev, CEO and Founder of Qylur, outlines the inspiration behind the Qylatron Entry Experience Solution and describes exactly how it works.

US-based company Qylur Security Systems has launched a self-service airport security solution, which it claims can “significantly increase passenger flow, lower overall operating costs and provide drastic improvement to the passenger security experience”.

The Qylatron Entry Experience Solution is an automated, self-service security screening kiosk. Passengers place their bags, liquids and any other items deemed to be a potential security risk into a locker and then walk through a security detector. If the items in the locker are safe, the locker automatically unlocks, but if a potential risk is detected, it remains locked so a security agent can take control of the situation.

The company behind it claims that it has already been successfully trialled at a Brazilian airport, Liberty State Park ferry terminal and a US sports stadium.

Dr Lisa Dolev, CEO and Founder of Qylur, said: “We deeply care about security and about human liberty. Our goal is to not just deliver the most advanced security screening technology, but to also transform the industry so that our fundamental social beliefs and civil liberties never have to be compromised by the ultimate need for unprecedented security to protect our freedom.”

What do you think of the Qylatron Entry Experience Solution? Does it really provide an alternative to the existing airport security model? Leave your comment below.



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  1. Stuart Clerkson

    The theory sounds great. I would like to see how it operates when used by passengers during a peak operation. With the many scenarios thrown up by the mass transit of human beings, I can see advantages and possible pinch points that could cause hold ups.

  2. moahmmed Islam

    What about the body scanning metal detector, how is it going to work? Just looking at video it looks slower then normal security screening process. It might work on one of those small airport but don’t see its working at the airport like Heathrow.