Monarch introduces Airport Customer Experience hosts

Monarch’s Airport Customer Experience hosts
Monarch’s Airport Customer Experience hosts will be stationed in the departures and arrivals halls, where they will be on-hand to help any passengers who require assistance.

UK-based leisure carrier Monarch has introduced roaming Airport Customer Experience (ACE) hosts in nine airports to assist passengers in the departure hall. The ACE hosts are based at London Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham, London Luton, Palma de Mallorca, Faro, Tenerife, Alicante and Lanzarote airports.

They have been introduced to help passengers who require assistance with the check-in and baggage processes, and they are also available at boarding gates to assist with the boarding process. Some ACE hosts are also based in the arrivals area to help passengers who have any problems, such as if their bag has been mislaid.

Tim Williamson, Monarch’s Director of Customer Experience and Marketing, said: “Through research we have learnt just how important it is to our customers to have Monarch representatives available at airports. Customers appreciate having contact with us both before and after their flights. As the airport is the first face-to-face experience they have with Monarch, having a uniformed team on hand to help helps avoid any issues and makes their journey as seamless as possible.”

He explained that passenger “stress points” in the airport were identified, before deciding where to station the agents.

As part of an ongoing bid to enhance the passenger experience, Monarch has also announced that it will install non-reclining seats with tablet holders onboard all of its aircraft in response to feedback from its customers.


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  1. Harry Cole

    Having flown Monarch 3 times in the past two weeks (BHX x 1, PMI x 2) I have witnessed the experience hosts first hand. When things are going well (ie not needed) they are easy to find, when things start getting busy they seem harder to find and when there is a delay or long check-in queue they suddenly disappear! Mr Williamson the time when these people are needed is when there is a delay or cancellation. Your recent cancellation of the Birmingham-Rome-Birmingham flight is a typical example – no help whatsoever. Sort out your delay/cancellation problems first and people might believe what you say. If you cannot sort then at least respect the law with regard to 261/2004. The shambles that is Monarch Airlines needs a real shake up not the odd ‘Customer Experience Host!’