Korean Air achieves IATA Fast Travel Green status for self-service efforts

Korean Air bag drop
Last month Incheon Airport put live its new self-service bag drop system, which can be used by Korean Air passengers. This has, in turn, helped the carrier achieve Green status in IATA’s Fast Travel programme.

Korean Air has been recognised by IATA with a Fast Travel Green certificate, in recognition of the carrier’s efforts to simplify the passenger experience and minimise waiting times at Incheon Airport.

The Fast Travel programme covers six areas – self check-in/auto check-in, bags ready-to-go, document check, flight re-booking, self-boarding and bag recovery.

Korean Air has achieved Green status for meeting three of these requirements: self check-in/auto check-in, flight re-booking and bags ready-to-go. The latter has been made possible thanks to the recent introduction of a self-service bag drop system at Incheon Airport.

The Korean flag carrier has now stated its intention to build on this recognition to continue to improve the passenger experience. In a statement, it said: “We will continue to work on strengthening our cooperation with airports and enhancing our services to enable passengers to enjoy the best travel experience with Korean Air from check-in to boarding.”



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