‘Touchless bag drop’ system goes live at Dublin Airport

The new touchless bag drop system used by Aer Lingus enables passengers to print their tags and deposit their bag into the baggage handling system without assistance from an agent.

Dublin Airport has invested €2 million in 62 new self-service kiosks, which will improve the check-in experience for four of its largest airline customers.

Terminal 1 has 15 self-service bag drop units available in check-in Area 13, which is used by Ryanair. There are three further self-service bag drop units in check-in Area 7 for common-use by other airlines. Passengers of CityJet and Flybe will be the first to enjoy the benefits of these, while Aer Lingus passengers can make use of 44 self-service units in the airline’s check-in area in Terminal 2.

The 15 new self-service units in Terminal 1 use a one-step approach. This allows passengers that have checked in online to take their bags straight to the self-service bag drop. They can then print their bag tags, attach them to their luggage and dispatch the bags straight onto the baggage belt.

The bag drop units in Terminal 2 are so-called “touchless bag drops”. Passengers can print their bag tags at a self-service kiosk before proceeding to the bag drop counter. The system can automatically detect that the tag is attached and the weight is correct, and then dispatch the bag without the need for the passenger to touch any button or screen.

“This €2 million investment streamlines and simplifies the baggage check-in process for passengers,” said Dublin Airport Managing Director Vincent Harrison. “It will reduce check-in queue times and also increase the overall capacity at check-in in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.”

Dublin Airport has worked closely with technology provider Rockwell Collins in conjunction with Pulse.aero to deliver a tailored process to suit each airline.

“While we used the same technology in both terminals, it was adapted to specifically meet the needs of our airline customers,” Harrison explained. “The new self-service systems are already having a significant impact on check-in times at Dublin Airport,” he added.



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