Icelandair launches Facebook Messenger flight booking bot

Icelandair's Facebook Messenger Stopover Bot allows customers to search for and select flights using the Facebook Messenger app.

Icelandair now offers travellers the option of searching for transatlantic flights through its new Facebook Messenger Stopover Bot.

Customers can simply open the Facebook Messenger app, start a conversation with Icelandair, type in the relevant information, such as destination and travel dates, and search for flights. A stopover in Iceland can easily be added to the trip, and users are then automatically directed to the Icelandair website to complete the booking.

Anyone who needs assistance while using the Facebook Messenger bot can simply type ‘help’, and a customer service assistant will pick up the query and provide answers to any questions.

Guðmundur Óskarsson, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Icelandair, said: “We want to constantly improve the travel ecosystem for consumers, starting from the very beginning of their booking experience. Placing Icelandair ahead of the game and making flight bookings available through Facebook Messenger, marks the commitment to our customers.

“We know what platforms our customers use and want to embrace new ways to communicate and offer valuable interactions with them in that space. Through this thinking we hope to position ourselves as more than just an airline but as a software company and the launch of the Stopover Bot is another step towards our aim of customers being able to book a flight anywhere at any time.”

Icelandair becomes the latest air transport industry stakeholder to invest in bots, following the likes of KLM and Skyscanner, which have invested in the technology to offer customer service and flight search functionality.



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