Interactive Terminal Testlab opens at Munich Airport

The Terminal Testlab is part of Munich Airport’s LabCampus initiative and is designed to raise awareness of digital security.

Munich Airport has announced the opening of a new Terminal Testlab, as part of its LabCampus initiative. The pilot project has been designed to raise digital security awareness among passengers and visitors.

With the Testlab situated at the heart of the airport terminal, LabCampus is creating opportunities for customers to present their new products and solutions to travellers every day while conducting live testing.

After exploring the live demos, visitors will be actively integrated into product development processes and will gain in-depth insights into key aspects of data security and related issues. Another highlighted feature is the interactive augmented reality wall, which allows visitors to become part of an easy-to-understand demonstration on data theft.

The Testlab is designed in collaboration with security companies ComCode and IABG, Center Digitization Bavaria (ZD.B) and Munich Airport’s Information Security Hub (ISH).

The Testlab also features an augmented reality wall, which allows visitors to become part of an easy-to-understand demonstration on data theft.

For ComCode, which specialises in the digital transformation and security, the focus of its involvement in Testlab is open source intelligence (OSINT). This refers to the procurement of information from publicly accessible sources such as the internet. Travellers can ask ComCode to compile and generate a brief digital security report on their company while they wait. In addition, all visitors are eligible to enter a draw, with the winner receiving a more detailed analysis, including a presentation of the results and suggestions for improved digital security.

The key areas of interest for the “Smart & Safe Cities” specialists from IABG include ways of optimising public spaces with regard to telecommunications and IT security. In a simulation, Testlab visitors will become part of a virtual safe city storage centre that brings together security information from all levels of the digital city.

Digital security topics will be the focus of the LabCampus Testlab until the end of February 2020 with other initiatives to follow soon.



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