Biometrics, security and contagion control – Securiport explores the future of the air transport industry

In this exclusive video interview, FTE speaks with Nate Carpenter, Chief Software Architect at Securiport, the FTE Innovation & Startup Hub’s inaugural Enterprise Partner. Ranging from the use of biometrics to help facilitate a seamless, touchless and secure air travel experience to the development of an epidemic control system, technology is very much at the heart of everything Securiport is doing to help advance the industry. Watch the full video to learn more.

Key timings:

01:48 – The importance of biometric technology to the creation of a seamless, touchless and secure end-to-end air travel experience.

03:24 – Leveraging data to deliver wide-reaching improvements, from enhancing security to reducing queues.

04:46 – Biometrics, data protection, privacy and the future role of smartphones.

08:40 – The future immigration process – adapting to the rollout of travel bubbles, temporary border closures and air corridors.

12:20 – Securiport’s Epidemic Control System.

14:02 – The Epidemic Control System, COVID-19 and future epidemics – predicting, managing and mitigating risk.

16:41 – The future of the air transport industry in a post-pandemic world.



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