DFW Airport completes trial of AI-powered digital human concierge

During the trial, the digital human concierge provided passengers at the airport on-demand, voice-based answers to their questions.

Dallas/Fort Worth International (DFW) Airport’s Innovation Team has partnered with IBM Watson and Soul Machines to develop and trial an artificial intelligence-powered digital human concierge.

During the trial, which completed on 25 June, the digital human concierge provided passengers at the airport on-demand, voice-based answers to their questions from her temporary location in Terminal A.

Paul Puopuolo, Executive Vice President of Innovation, DFW Airport, commented: “DFW is committed to transforming the travel experience through technology, processes and people. And, with a digital human we are offering an innovative, engaging and interactive experience for our customers while ensuring they have the information they need to travel seamlessly through our airport.”

DFW Airport has become the first airport to merge IBM Watson artificial intelligence with Soul Machines Digital DNA to create a digital concierge.

The DFW Airport Innovation Team will use results of the test programme to evaluate the digital concierge’s future potential at DFW. As it aims to become the “airport of the future”, DFW says it is committed to staying a step ahead of its customers, who are increasingly choosing on-demand voice-based technology when seeking information on their smart phones or other devices.

“Combining art, technology and empathy to put a face on AI, the DFW Digital Concierge has embarked on a continuous learning journey to a set a new standard for on-demand digital services to travellers,” said Sai Bezawada, IBM Client Technology Leader.

“The Digital Human Concierge is powered by Soul Machines’ Human OS technology, which allows her to interact with flyers at DFW in a way similar to how two people would talk to one another,” said Soul Machines co-founder and Chief Business Officer Greg Cross. “She’s a testament to how organisations like DFW are pushing the envelope with technology like autonomous animation to connect with their customers.”



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