Darwin Airport to implement end-to-end self-service technology

Elenium Automation will install its VYGR self-service technology, including 30 portable check-in kiosks and 23 bag drops.

Airport Development Group, owner and operator of Darwin International Airport (DIA), has selected Elenium Automation to deploy self-service end-to-end solution expected to improve passenger experience, enhance operational efficiency, and enable future growth.

By implementing Elenium’s VYGR (short for Voyager) self-service technology, DIA hopes to provide a faster, safer, and more efficient journey for passengers and enable ground staff to give more focussed assistance to those who need it.

Elenium will install 30 portable kiosks to provide a full and fast check-in process, all of which can be easily moved for greater operational flexibility and utility, as well as 23 bag drops, six of which can also function as agent-assist and rework stations.

Elenium’s bag drop uses cameras that digitally zoom and focus to find the bag tag barcode. Bag tags are read in 70 milliseconds irrespective of bag placement, at 97% first-time read rate.  VYGR is powered by cloud computing so airports of all sizes can use the technology, without investing in complex IT infrastructure to deploy self-service.

The company will also supply operations and monitoring software to ensure operational issues can be addressed proactively. Elenium’s Flight Deck platform optimises operational support by providing a live view of the status of all hardware devices, enabling quick resolutions, leading to better customer experience outcomes and greater operational efficiency. All Elenium’s kiosks and bag drops can operate in touchless mode and are delivered with biometric-ready capability.

Airport Development Group Executive General Manager Operations Rob Porter said: “DIA’s future growth strategy requires faster, easier and more efficient passenger processing that works with our airline partners to streamline the check-in experience. Elenium’s innovative technology will help us to create a seamless curb-to-gate journey for our passengers. We look forward to growing our reputation as one of Australia’s best airports and a favourite travel destination in the years to come.”

Elenium Automation CEO and Co-founder Aaron Hornlimann also commented: “As Australia moves toward re-opening, self-service automation technology will be key in enabling airports to operate safely, without compromising on efficiency or passenger experience. We are thrilled to be partnering with Darwin International Airport to leverage our self-service technology. Our ultimate vision is for passengers to simply walk through the airport unencumbered.”



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