SunExpress pilots FurtherPass digital health app

SunExpress passenger can use the FurtherPass app to upload their digital COVID-19 vaccination certificate and verify their documents prior to their flight.

SunExpress has entered the third phase of a pilot project of the FurtherPass digital health app. The app digitally performs pre-flight passenger transactions, travel health documents and identity checks on behalf of the airline.

Passenger can use the FurtherPass app to upload their EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate valid in 42 countries, and the e-Nabiz Certificate which is valid in Turkey.

By processing all data sets on a single platform, the app also makes it easier for passenger to have their documents verified prior to their flight.

FurtherPass creates a digital record in case of a possible problem, ensuring that the airline has made the necessary checks and makes the process more seamless both for the passenger and the airline alike.



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