Fraport tests walk-through security scanner at Frankfurt Airport

Fraport is testing the walk-through security scanner in Concourse A of Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport.

Fraport is testing a walk-through security scanner for passengers in Concourse A of Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport.

The R&S QPS Walk2000 from Rohde & Schwarz is designed to speed up security checks. Passengers simply walk through the scanner at a normal pace without stopping. The test and evaluation phase is set to last up to six months and will provide Fraport and Rohde & Schwarz with important information to help optimise the system.

The scanner can detect all kinds of items quickly and contact-free and provides a more pleasant security experience. The millimeter-wave technology can also penetrate multiple layers of clothing, meaning passengers don’t have to remove jackets and coats, for example.

AI-based detection software automatically identifies metallic and non-metallic objects, and any anomalies detected on passengers are accurately displayed in real time on a unisex avatar, reducing the need for follow-up checks. If, however, a check is needed, security staff can focus on the areas that have triggered an alarm instead of patting down the passenger.

The test phase at Frankfurt Airport aims to provide a direct comparison of the walk-through scanner and the tried and tested scanners already installed at FRA.



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