Leeds Bradford Airport improves catering for lounges with wider range of options and brand-new technology for enhanced CX

Calum McLaren, Divisional Managing Director, Elior, and John Cunliffe, Commercial and Strategy Director, Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) celebrate the brand-new lounge catering services at the LBA launch event.

Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) has appointed international catering operator Elior to provide food and drink services for its lounges. This includes a wider range of options, with a changing seasonal menu and a dedicated team of chefs providing a wide selection of locally-sourced, freshly-produced products. Elior is now serving customers and keeping stocks replenished throughout the day in LBA’s Yorkshire Lounge and 1432 Runway Club.

New technology has also been introduced in LBA’s 1432 Runway Club lounge for direct-to-table ordering.

“Positive customer experience is a priority for us and we welcome the changes that Elior will bring to our lounges,” said John Cunliffe, Commercial and Strategy Director, LBA. “The introduction of delicious seasonal menus, brand-new technology and dedicated staff are sure to help our customers relax and unwind before a work trip or bring that holiday feeling before take-off. This is an important step for us as an airport and one that will support our wider LBA:REGEN development plans to improve passenger experience for customers.”

Elior will now manage day-to-day operation of the lounges at LBA, while the airport will continue to take responsibility for commercial performance, front desk management and sales initiatives. Airport lounge access will continue to be booked through the Leeds Bradford Airport website and access privileges for those customers with memberships of card schemes (such as Dragonpass and Priority Pass) or eligible customers of certain airlines will remain unchanged.

“We are delighted to be operating the lounges in Leeds Bradford Airport, bringing to life our passion for delicious freshly prepared food that is locally sourced and seasonal,” said Calum McLaren, Divisional Managing Director, Elior. “Introducing new, innovative technology to the lounge is fundamental to delivering this heightened customer experience. Leeds Bradford Airport is an exciting partnership opportunity for us, with the airport offering a fantastic range of destinations to a large catchment area.”



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