SWISS to expand online booking services

SWISS International Air Lines’ new online services arrive.
SWISS International Air Lines’ new online services arrive following the announcement of a 21% increase in online bookings for the Swiss flag bearer.

SWISS has introduced a variety of new online features for passengers looking to book with the airline. The most touted feature is the ability for customers to book place a provisional reservation up to 72 hours. The fare of the ticket will remain fixed throughout that period, and the customer may cancel should they change their mind.

This service is available for all passengers in all classes, and will cost $28 per booking. SWISS is offering the service in conjunction with the ability to select seats when booking – available to all classes on long-haul flights and business class on short-haul flights, and always free of charge.

The third enhancement made by SWISS is booking options for ‘open-jaw’ customers. This means that passengers can more easily plan their journey when returning from a destination different to the outgoing one. All of these services will provide passengers with virtual boarding passes direct to their inbox.



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