Sea-Tac Airport to install automated passenger security exit lanes

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The introduction of the automated passenger security exit lane technology is partly in response to the forthcoming removal of TSA staff from airport security exits.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has gained approval from the Port of Seattle Commission to install automated exit lane technology to enhance the safety of its passengers.

The technology has been successfully trialled at the Concourse B exit and will now be rolled out across the whole airport. Using a combination of sensors, cameras and alarms, the new technology responds instantly to security situations when arriving passengers are leaving the airside area.

Designed to accommodate a high volume of passengers, three parallel one-way doors with multiple lanes funnel passengers out from the airside area. The doors open automatically and if a passenger changes direction or tries to enter from the wrong direction, an alarm is triggered and exit doors are locked.

The $6.4 million project is partly in response to the forthcoming removal of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) staff from airport security exits, which will come into force at the end of 2013.

Tom Albro, Port of Seattle Commission President, said: “This new technology supports our number one priority: keeping passengers safe and secure. Sea-Tac Airport continues to innovate, reduce costs and improve the travel experience.”



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