Ryanair’s ‘nicer’ O’Leary announces introduction of mobile boarding passes and changes to €70 check-in fee

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary at AOA conference
Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary was questioned on-stage at the AOA Annual Conference by BBC broadcaster and journalist John Humphrys.

Talking at the Airport Operators Association (AOA) Annual Conference in London this week about the new “nicer” Ryanair, CEO Michael O’Leary outlined changes to the airline’s much-berated airport check-in policies and charges.

He explained that Ryanair’s perceived more customer-friendly approach has a lot more to do with message delivery than a change to service policy: “There are many things you can do already that we are not credited for, such as reserve a seat or buy priority boarding – we have just not communicated or marketed efficiently – we need to promote a great service message.”

However, he did announce that there would be one important new material change in the future, relating to the much-hated €70 manual check-in fee that is charged to passengers who fail to check-in online.

“The boarding card fee will be split up,” he said. “For instance, if you have checked in, but merely lose your printout, we’ll introduce a new lower charge for reprinting your pass – we don’t want to penalise such people.”

However, showing that the old O’Leary still glows underneath the new, softer version, the low-cost boss then clarified his comments: “Of course you’ll still be hit with the whole fee if you can’t be arsed to check-in online at all.”

The announcement of the changes to the boarding pass charges come in the same week that O’Leary announced via a live Twitter Q&A that Ryanair will introduce mobile boarding passes in summer 2014.



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  1. Alex cross

    Ok, so Ryanair seems to be putting in the motions and effort to become a more customer friendly airline, but has enough been done to gain Ryanair passengers confidence and to remove them from the negative spot light? A recent article on Google states a “leopard never changes its spots” referring to Ryanair’s new changes. Checkinpal has seen a dramatic increase in call volume from Ryanair passengers needing help with their online check in and boarding cards as a result of their new 7 day check in policy. As an average family holiday is over 7 days this leaves passengers with two choices: 1. Pay for designated seating or 2. search for an internet cafe whilst away! Checkinpal simply take away these burdens when it comes to travelling with Ryanair by taking your outbound and return travel dates and checking you in on your behalf.

  2. karen

    This happened to me, I went away with my 2 children, I had no internet facilities, couldn’t check in online for my return journey home, I was charged 210 euros to get home, on top of what I had already paid for the flights, they treated me and my kids very badly, they didn’t care that me and my kids were crying with worry, never again will I fly with them, just rip off merchants, picking on vulnerable people.