Amsterdam Airport Schiphol completes transition to central security

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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s transition to central security means that if the EU introduces new security regulations in the future, it will only have to adapt five security filters, as opposed to 70.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has completed the switchover to central security, meaning the 130 security lanes at the departure gates are no longer required. All passengers departing from the airport will now pass through one of the five central security checkpoints. The switchover, which was completed on 3 June, follows the recent unveiling of the “Schiphol Security Experience”, which entails a complete redesign of the security checkpoint and a change in approach to deliver “security as a service”.

The transition means that if the EU introduces new security regulations in the future, Schiphol will only have to adapt five security filters, rather than 70.

Commenting on the move to a central security approach, Jos Nijhuis, President & CEO of Schiphol Group, said: “The transition to central security is a milestone in the renovation of the terminal. It means greater comfort for passengers and a more efficient process for the airlines. A fantastic achievement by all the parties involved, certainly when you consider that we have always remained open during the renovations and will continue to do so.

“55 million passengers chose Schiphol last year, and they could all see the renovation work which was being carried out. Renovation is sometimes accompanied by inconvenience, and this could also apply in the months ahead during the completion of the construction work. I would therefore like to thank our passengers, business partners and the airlines for their patience and understanding.”

To enable the transition to central security, the terminal has undergone a major overhaul. An extra floor was constructed in Departure Halls 2 and 3 to accommodate new checkpoints, and in Piers E, F and G, an additional level was built in order to separate various passenger flows. In total, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol now has three security checkpoints for departing passengers and two for transfer passengers.



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