İGA reveals baggage tracking, self-service and mobile app plans for Istanbul New Airport

Istanbul New Airport is scheduled to open in 2018 with an initial capacity of 90 million annual passengers. 

Details are starting to emerge about how technology will be used to provide a positive customer experience, and optimise passenger and baggage processing, at Istanbul New Airport, which is due to open next year.

SITA has been appointed to implement a baggage tracking solution at the airport, which will allow airlines to meet the IATA Resolution 753 baggage tracking requirements from the very first day of operation. The solution will provide the IT infrastructure needed for airlines to track bags at key points in the journey, including check-in, transfer and arrival. Resolution 753 will become effective on 1 June 2018.

Yusuf Akçayoğlu, CEO of İGA Airports Construction, said: “We fully understand that having the right technology will be essential to the successful operation of the new airport and future-proofing it for decades to come. It is also critical to ensuring our passengers fully benefit from our new, world-class facilities by providing innovative systems that make the journey through the airport enjoyable and effortless.”

Self-service processing

İGA, the contractor and designated operator of Istanbul’s new hub airport, has also revealed that passengers will be able to make use of self-service bag drop, meaning those who have checked in online or using a kiosk will be able to tag their bags themselves, before dropping their hold luggage at a dedicated bag drop desk. Biometric-enabled e-gates will also be installed at the border control checkpoint to help minimise waiting times.

İGA is also investing in a mobile app to provide real-time journey information and easy access to a digital loyalty programme. In addition, passengers will be able to provide real-time feedback, and request information and assistance based on their specific location in the terminal.

Technology will also be used in the retail areas at Istanbul New Airport. 3D holograms, smart shopping carts, mobile cash registers and “electronic customer profiling” will be in use.

Istanbul New Airport is scheduled to open in 2018 and will initially be able to accommodate 90 million passenger a year, eventually rising to 200 million following all stages of construction.  



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