SkyTeam trials immersive entertainment headsets in Dubai Lounge

The “Virtual Cinema” pilot will last for two months in SkyTeam’s Dubai Lounge at Dubai International Airport. 

SkyTeam has teamed up with start-up SkyLights to allow passengers in its lounge at Dubai International to watch content on immersive entertainment headsets.

During the two-month “Virtual Cinema” pilot, passengers can watch a selection of 2D, 3D and 180°/360° content, and early-window movies, series and documentaries, using SkyLights’ Bravo headsets. The headsets also offer a wide-angle cinema screen experience.

Mauro Oretti, SkyTeam’s Vice President, Sales and Marketing, said: “Our frequent flyers are increasingly tech-savvy and because they spend so many hours in the air, we’re making sure their time on the ground is worthwhile by investing in technology to enhance the experience we offer in our lounges.

“Our partnership with SkyLights gives them a chance to relax and immerse themselves in a private IMAX-style movie theatre from the comfort of their airport lounge seat.”

David Dicko, SkyLights’ CEO, commented: “For many guests, it will be the first time they have experienced this remarkable new type of entertainment, making it a great opportunity to create a memorable moment with them. Teaming up with SkyTeam on this project is a significant step towards our mission of transforming the passenger journey both in-flight and on the ground.”

Back in September, FTE reported how Air France, Joon, Corsair and Jetfly are planning to offer SkyLights’ AlloSky immersive IFE headset for in-flight entertainment.