BAGTAG unveils multi-solution electronic bag tag platform

The electronic bag tag platform, called BAGTAG BRIDGE, allows passengers to choose between different electronic baggage tags and use them across various airlines around the globe.

BAGTAG has announced the development of the world’s first multi-solution EBT (Electronic Bag Tag) platform in partnership with One Bag Tag, ahead of FTE-APEX Asia EXPO, Singapore, 12-13 November, where both companies will be exhibiting.

The platform, called BAGTAG BRIDGE, allows passengers to choose between different electronic baggage tags and use them across various airlines around the globe.

Developed and managed by BAGTAG, the platform has been designed to easily and securely integrate with airlines’ existing systems. Airlines that connect to BAGTAG BRIDGE grant their passengers the flexibility to choose the EBT that fits their needs best, and then use that EBT on any airline in the BRIDGE network.

Jasper Quak, Managing Director of BAGTAG, explained: “Looking forward, passengers must be able to use the EBT of their choice across the world and on different airlines. The only way to achieve this is to cooperate with both airlines and EBT manufacturers. We are proud to introduce BAGTAG BRIDGE with One Bag Tag as our inaugural partner.”

BAGTAG BRIDGE will initially host One Bag Tag’s battery-free tag, as well as BAGTAG’s own EBT device. Both products attach to any suitcase and sync with a smartphone to digitally display the next trip’s barcode. They also feature integrated RFID chips for enhanced tracking.

“Imagine never having to stand in line to check your bag again, at any airport, any airline, worldwide,” proposes Eli Ostreicher, CEO of One Bag Tag. “That future is closer now than ever before.”

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Last year the FTE Baggage Innovation Working Group went from an idea to a membership of nearly 400, delivered a proof of concept, built an airport lab network and ran a face-to-face meeting alongside FTE Global in Las Vegas. Following the successful launch of the initiative, FTE is introducing the expanded BIWG for 2022. The working group brings together the most innovative and progressive baggage supply chain companies, airlines and airports from across the industry to provide a unique platform for the development of new techniques, technologies and business models to deliver tangible change in the baggage sector. It is the industry’s best networking platform for those serious about baggage.

The Baggage Innovation Working Group meets every six weeks, and is led by our industry captains including Andrew Price, Head of Baggage Transformation, FTE; Jason Odey Director, Global Baggage Excellence, Air Canada; Kevin Kleist, Emerging Trends Advisor, Southwest Airlines; Darin Juby, Director Baggage Services, Greater Toronto Airports Authority; and Idar Sørgjerd Manager, Baggage Handling Service, Technical Infrastructure & Innovations Avinor, who set the high-level agenda for each BIWG meeting. The next BIWG call will take place on 16 February, 15:00 CET and will look into the trends for the year ahead and conclusions from our latest POC around reclaim optimisation. The POC aims to develop a tool that can be used to automatically allocate baggage reclaim belts based on the arrival patterns of aircraft and their baggage loads.

Members who have already signed up for 2022 also include SITA, Collins Aerospace, Amadeus, Brock Solutions, and Owens Group. Interested in joining? Find out more and contact us for more information on our low-cost membership options.

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