Iberia debuts virtual assistant service on WhatsApp

Through the airline’s WhatsApp channel, Iberia customers can check their flight status, obtain general information about their trip, and check-in.

Iberia is now offering a new Spanish-language virtual assistance channel on WhatsApp. Through the airline’s WhatsApp channel, customers can check their flight status, obtain general information about their trip, and check-in.

The check-in option is available for any flight to Schengen area countries operated by Iberia, Iberia Express, or Iberia Regional Air Nostrum, with the exception of the walk-on Madrid-Barcelona Puente Aéreo shuttle, in the 24 hour period prior to departure, for single-passenger or multiple bookings.

The airline has also shared plans to add new services to its WhatsApp customer assistance channel, and also to launch an English-language version.

Iberia’s Chief Transformation Officer, Gabriel Perdiguero, says: “At Iberia we want to be where our customers are and to let them contact us via their preferred channels. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in Spain and many other countries, and starting today we will be able to answer questions simply and quickly.”

Iberia has worked with Mindsay, which provides user-friendly conversational AI solutions, to develop this new Customer Assistance channel, following the successful collaboration in developing Iberia’s chat service via iberia.com application for mobile devices, Ibot and Messenger.

Guillaume Laporte, Mindsay’s co-founder and CEO, comments: “After our successful work to successfully launch the bot on their mobile app and Messenger, we’re thrilled to continue to be their trusted partner for the launch of the WhatsApp bot. From automated check-in to live flight information and FAQs, Mindsay technology allows Iberia to provide its customers with a personalised service.”

The carrier is currently engaged in a digital transformation process towards a new culture and a 100% digital experience with connected operations for customers and employees, along with the commitment to innovation and the search for new business opportunities linked to it.

Through its participation in accelerator programme Hangar 51, Iberia has launched chatbot services on Iberia’s mobile app, as well as Facebook Messenger and now WhatsApp; introduced virtual reality glasses to its inflight entertainment service; engaged in voice commerce market with Alexa and Google Assistant; and launched the ‘Bag on Board’ service, among other innovations.



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