Theme: “New Approaches for a New World”

Candid, revealing & insightful inspiration from innovation efforts around the world

We are delighted to be working with our “Ancillary Ambassador” for this event – Jay Sorensen, President – Product, Partnership and Marketing Practice at IdeaWorks, whose research and reports have made him a leading authority on frequent flyer programmes and the ancillary revenue movement. This conference will explore the most exciting ways to simultaneously enhance customer experiences and revenue opportunities at every point of the journey. Content will focus on new ancillary recommendations for a new era; commercial innovation to increase spend and enhance customer experiences both before and during the day of travel; commercial opportunities amidst the mobility revolution; and finding new business models for airlines, airports and other stakeholders to drive more passenger spend that all parties can share in.

The agenda - Subject to change

Tuesday 7th December

Speaker Invited

Tuesday 7th December 14:00 - 17:30

FTE Innovation & Startup Hub activities including visit to Virgin Hyperloop Test Track (FTE Hub members only)

Part of our exclusive members-only FTE Innovation & Startup Hub agenda, which brings together the most forward-thinking corporates, startups and scaleups in the air transport industry and provides a unique platform for them to share expertise, collaborate and deliver positive change.

To learn more or to join the FTE Innovation & Startup Hub, click here:

Speaker Invited

Tuesday 7th December 17:30 - 18:30

Welcome Reception in the exhibition hall

Make the most of the vital networking opportunities provided at the FTE Global 2021 Happy Hour, where delegates can enjoy demonstrations in the exhibition and network with their peers, over a refreshing drinks and snacks.

Speaker Invited

Tuesday 7th December 20:00 - 23:00

Special Industry Screening of Top Gun: Maverick

Everyone who works in this industry loves aviation, and wouldn’t it be wonderful to see the most anticipated aviation movie for decades in an exclusive private screening with hundreds of your peers? Of course, it would! That is why we are super excited to share that we will be showing a special industry screening of Top Gun: Maverick at FTE Global+ 2021 in Las Vegas as part of the event’s opening day social activities on 7 December. The legendary Pete “Maverick” Mitchell keeps pushing the envelope after years of service as one of the Navy’s top aviators. He must soon confront the past while training a new squad of graduates for a dangerous mission that demands the ultimate sacrifice. This landmark movie has pioneered new ways of filming to make the audience really feel like they are actually in the cockpit with the fighter pilots. Real Flying. Real G-Forces. Pure Adrenaline 

Wednesday 8th December

Speaker Invited

Wednesday 8th December 08:00 - 09:00

Breakfast in the exhibition hall

Start your day by visiting the FTE Global exhibition floor and enjoying a morning coffee and breakfast pastry. Take this opportunity to chat with our incredible selection of suppliers showcasing their solutions, products and services to help solve your industry challenges and inspire strategical business decisions.

Speaker Invited

Wednesday 8th December 09:00 - 10:15

Opening Keynote Session for all participants


Daniel Coleman
Founder & CEO
Future Travel Experience

Welcome from the host:

Rosemary A. Vassiliadis
Director of Aviation
Clark County Department of Aviation

Opening Session
Keynote 1:

FTE Global Exclusive
The Virgin view of the future of travel, and how their efforts across air, sea, land and space could interconnect and help forge new industry approaches.

Juha Jarvinen
Virgin Atlantic & President Emeritus, APEX
Mariana Fonseca Medina
VP of eCommerce
Virgin Voyages
Diana Zhou
Senior Director of Global Business Development
Virgin Hyperloop

Opening Session
Keynote 2:

How United Airlines is transforming the airline industry through bold commitments in areas such as urban air mobility, sustainability & supersonic travel.

Michael Leskinen
United Airlines Ventures & Vice President of Corporate Development and Investor Relations, United Airlines

More incredible speakers to be announced soon

10:15 - 11:00
Coffee break and networking in the exhibition hall

Speaker Invited

Wednesday 8th December 11:00 - 12:30

Opening Ancillary Conference Keynotes & Scene Setting


Following the opening keynote our Ancillary Ambassador Jay Sorensen will be joined by leading industry figures to debate key questions facing the sector on how to optimise commercial performance in a post-pandemic world.

The airline industry has changed. So has ancillary revenue. Here is my view of the future.

Jay Sorensen
President - Product, Partnership and Marketing Practice
IdeaWorks Company

Expert Perspectives:

Mariana Fonseca Medina ( Invited)
VP of eCommerce
Virgin Voyages
Dr. Bjoern Becker
Head of Future Intercontinental Experience Program

More incredible speakers to be announced soon

Questions to be considered:

  • How has consumer behaviour changed? How does ancillary fit, and succeed, in the post-covid world?
  • How does ancillary fit within a digital transformation programme?
  • Is it realistic for airlines to become fully-fledged retailers?
  • Will super-apps be a game changer for airlines and airports?
  • Are partnerships with 3rd party tech providers essential to drive sales for airlines in such a competitive market?
  • Are they ready to take the plunge?
  • How big a role will cryptocurrency have in travel going forward?
  • How important are loyalty programmes now to commercial success, and how could they be improved?
  • What are the secrets to great personalisation?
  • How crippling is GDPR to these ambitions?
  • What’s holding them back?
  • Should airlines be focusing on being better at traditional ancillary sales like baggage or is there real opportunity in new revenue streams?
  • What is the role and opportunity for airports amongst these ancillary efforts by airlines, and could more be achieved by a more collaborative approach to retailing between all stakeholders?
  • How does the sector now achieve sustainable retail?

12:30 - 13:45
Lunch and networking in the exhibition hall

Speaker Invited

Wednesday 8th December 13:45 - 14:10

Post-Lunch Keynote for all participants

How is Delta Air Lines advancing the bold vision the airline unveiled at CES in 2020, and what’s next as Delta continues to innovate to pull the future of flying forward?

Matt Muta
Vice President Innovation
Delta Air Lines

Matt is one of the industry’s smartest minds and has over 30 years of experience with roles in leadership, emerging technologies, and innovation. He oversees an organization within Delta that drives innovation through exploration, rapid prototyping, envisioning and the development or investment in new technology. He is a long-time friend to FTE and we are delighted to welcome him back to FTE Global to share details on where his team is focused now and his views on the future of travel.

Speaker Invited

Wednesday 8th December 14:10 - 14:30

Special Keynote

Digital business models that work: Only if technology and business model work together can the true potential of digital retailing can be unleashed for airlines and airports alike. Hear first hand from some of the digital pioneers in our industry on how digital ancillary growth can become a driver for recovery.

Kian T. Gould
Chairman of the Board

Speaker Invited

Wednesday 8th December 14:13 - 15:30

Third Working Session - Workshop: What will the mobility ecosystem of the future look like and how will air-transport stakeholders successfully integrate with it?


Joshua Hirschheimer
Practice Lead - Aerospace, Transportation and Logistics
Porsche Consulting

The mobility ecosystem continues to evolve as it supports population growth, urbanization, and environmental concerns.  As we navigate this transformational journey, an important consideration for air transport stakeholders is identifying and building out the customer journey. Join this interactive session to learn how air-transport stakeholders can successfully design customer experiences to achieve competitive advantage in this dynamic environment.

  • Learn how Porsche has created a holistic customer experience for the digital mobility age
  • Gain insight into what success drivers are essential for creating winning customer ecosystems
  • Learn how air transport stakeholders are collaborating to create a customer centric intermodal transportation journey

Speaker Invited

Wednesday 8th December 14:30 - 15:30

Third Working Session – Commercial innovation to increase spend and enhance customer experiences both before, and during, the day of travel



Sammy Patel
Vice President, Commercial & Chief Executive Officer, Midway Partnership
Vantage Airport Group


A fast-moving panel discussion to explore progressive new approaches.


Rana Ghosh
Vice President, Omnichannel
Spirit Airlines
Stephen Tukavkin
Vice President IT & Digital
JFK International Air Terminal
Jay Sorensen
President - Product, Partnership and Marketing Practice
IdeaWorks Company
Job Heimerik
AirFi America
Martin Jones

Topics to be discussed include:

Effective personalisation, Super apps, E-commerce platforms, new partnerships, driving upgrades, New Payment options (including cryptocurrency), Testing and health considerations, contactless retail and queue management, Pop-up retail, Pre-Order & Concierge services, Lounge innovations, Exciting new collaborations, new vending offerings, inflight innovations, arrivals opportunities.

15:30 - 16:15
Coffee Break and networking in the exhibition hall

Speaker Invited

Wednesday 8th December 16:15 - 17:30

Fourth Working Session – Digital Transformation and the Future of Ecommerce

OPTION 2Joint session with the Digital & Ancillary track


Marta Dimitrova
Editor & FTE Hub Community Manager
Future Travel Experience

Spirit Airlines have further enhanced their commercial proposition this year with a big play into the loyalty space, but where will they focus next and how important will effective personalisation be to those plans?

Rana Ghosh
Vice President, Omnichannel
Spirit Airlines

Driving digital transformation efforts within Oneworld to support the organisation, its members airlines and their passengers.

Jaron Millner
Director, Head of Carrier oneworld Digitalisation
Oneworld Management Company

Speaker Invited

Wednesday 8th December 20:30 - 22:30

FTE Global Networking Reception and FTE Global Innovate Awards – Ironwood Terrace, ARIA Resort

At the epicentre of FTE events, we recognise airlines, airports, vendors, startups and individuals from across the EMEA, Americas and Asia. Celebrating innovators for their outstanding efforts to improve the customer experience and business performance, and those who are taking the aviation industry to greater heights through their dynamic efforts. The FTE Global networking reception provides the perfect occasion to announce and honour our winners, amongst industry friends and colleagues.

Thursday 9th December

Speaker Invited

Thursday 9th December 08:00 - 09:00

Breakfast, networking and showcase in the exhibition hall

Start your day by visiting the FTE Global exhibition floor and enjoying a morning coffee and breakfast pastry. Take this opportunity to chat with our incredible selection of suppliers showcasing their solutions, products and services to help solve your industry challenges and inspire strategical business decisions.

Speaker Invited

Thursday 9th December 08:00 - 09:00

Co-Creation Breakfast Sessions

FTE Workshops, Co-Creation Forums & Jumpseat Debates

FTE aims to be an industry change catalyst and we are making every effort to facilitate actual industry collaboration at the show, as opposed to just discussing the need for it. These interactive sessions will provide a discussion platform for various stakeholders to discuss how they can work in new ways, and collaborate effectively, in key areas. Delegates will be able to choose which topic they would like to discuss and then join the relevant group to exchange thoughts, ideas, frustrations and potential ways forward.

There will be groups in different working zones, each with their own captain who will lead discussions on each table and help inspire outside-of-the-box thinking. Delegates will play an important role in forming ideas and conclusions within that group, which will be shared by the captains through the post-event report.

Working Groups

Workshop: Virtual queuing

Dave Wilson
Director, Airport Innovation
Port of Seattle

Co-creation: Nurturing future talent for your organisation

David Wilson
Chief Operations Officer
Oman Airports Management Company

Workshop: Cybersecurity mitigation strategies

Russell Roberts
Chief Information Officer and Assistant Administrator for the Office of Information Technology
Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Workshop: Building CUSS Apps in 1 Hour or Less

Steven Tate
CTO & Elevation Software

Speaker Invited

Thursday 9th December 09:01 - 10:15

Fifth Working Session: Next Generation Customer Experience visions


FTE Exclusive – How can the industry reimagine end-to-end customer experiences by taking advantage of the very latest engineering and digital advancements to deliver real choice and satisfaction at every step of the journey?

Dr. Bjoern Becker
Head of Future Intercontinental Experience Program

More incredible speakers to be announced soon

10:15 - 11:00
Coffee break in the exhibition hall

Speaker Invited

Thursday 9th December 11:00 - 12:30

Sixth Working Session – Workshop – Advancing the FTE APEX Business Model Transformation Think Tank – Redefining F&B, retail and baggage revenue opportunities in travel

The key recommendations from the FTE APEX Business Model Transformation Think Tank – our most ambitious Think Tank to date (which you can see here) – were unveiled and built upon at our recent FTE APEX Virtual Expos. The forward-thinking group was led by team captain Satyaki Raghunath, Chief Strategy & Development Officer, Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL), who was joined by key industry players Javed Malik, Group COO, AirAsia; Christina Cassotis, CEO, Pittsburgh International Airport; Juha Jarvinen, CCO, Virgin Atlantic and President Emeritus, APEX; and Robert Carey, President, Wizz Air. Together they shared a vision for redefining two key areas of the travel experience: the way passengers purchase and consume food & beverage (F&B) and providing passengers with a reliable and seamless end-to-end baggage experience. In this workshop we will run dedicated groups to talk about the commercial opportunities that are possible through these two exciting new visions, and the ways new approaches could be made to scale.

Led by:

Daniel Coleman
Founder & CEO
Future Travel Experience
Andrew Price
Head of Baggage Transformation
Future Travel Experience

12:30 - 13:45
Lunch break in the exhibition hall

Speaker Invited

Thursday 9th December 13:45 - 14:10

Post-lunch Keynote

Our Next Guest Needs No Introduction… with Joe Leader, CEO, APEX & IFSA

Alison Taylor
Chief Customer Officer
American Airlines

Speaker Invited

Thursday 9th December 14:11 - 15:30

Seventh Working Session: Workshop: How can aviation industry stakeholders establish hyperloop pilot projects?


Diana Zhou
Senior Director of Global Business Development
Virgin Hyperloop

Oftentimes perceived as a competitor to aviation, hyperloop can actually integrate seamlessly with airports to facilitate the movement or passengers or cargo within or between airports, to cities, to distant warehouses, and more. Diana Zhou, Senior Director of Global Business Development at Virgin Hyperloop, will lead a workshop with key aviation stakeholders to discuss how the industry can leverage hyperloop to enhance sustainable mobility and improve economic competitiveness.

15:30 - 16:15
Coffee break in the exhibition hall

Why attend FTE Global?

Don’t just take our word for it – read what FTE Global attendees have said about the show…

“I have attended a number of FTE events over recent years, some as a delegate and others as a speaker. FTE Global in particular, always attracts a diverse mix of experts and professionals from across the world of aviation. What stands out against other conferences is the inclusion of hospitality, technologists and futurists who help delegates learn from other sectors, which enables a broader knowledge and understanding of “what else” we can do to promote the aviation sector. Networking opportunities and social events are always of the highest standard and allows old and new friends to come together in a relaxed and fun way.”

David Wilson, Chief Operations Officer, Oman Airports

“I felt that at Future Travel Experience the past week the conference has been excellent to not only be able to have though-provoking aviation discussions, but also to collaborate and connect to other airports and leaders in aviation.”

Naashom Marx, Senior Manager Innovation, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International

“I really enjoyed the event, the good atmosphere and enriching conversations.”

Víctor Lidoy, Digital Development Manager, LATAM Airlines Group

“FTE is one of my favourite conferences to go to. I like the fact that you bring in both airlines and airports, and the content is really different. I also enjoy that you bring in different speakers from other industries. I’m a “future” guy and this is a really good place to be. It’s fun because we’re all on the same page – we’re all looking for future technology.”

David Wilson, Director, Airport Innovation, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Port of Seattle

“The networking opportunities are always fantastic at FTE Global. There has been a high level of interaction and engagement between delegates.”

Rick Belliotti, Director Innovation & Small Business Development, San Diego International Airport

“FTE Global is a wonderful event. I have met representatives from many different modes of travel, and heard what people need to think about in the next decades. In terms of networking, the right players are here to have conversations with.”

Zachary Matthews, Senior Regional Manager, Business Development and Operations, US and Canada, Uber

“I have particularly liked that the event helps from a strategic standpoint. FTE Global really allows for a holistic strategic mind-set. The conference sessions have been very relevant in terms of customer experience.”

Michael Morford, Airport Concessions Manager, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

“It’s great that we’re hearing about disruption. Blurring the lines between industries is very important, and this event does that very effectively.”

Rachel Walker, Director – Tools & Technology Global Ops, Strategy, Planning & Design, United Airlines

“I have been very happy with the conference sessions, which have been projecting us into the future. It’s my first time here at FTE Global and it has exceeded my expectations. I have met lots of different contacts – the event is very good for networking.”

Aymeric Dussart, IT Director, Aéroports de Montréal

“The panel sessions have been excellent, with good interaction with the audience. It’s a very forward-thinking event and people here are not afraid to talk about the future.”

Joshua Krall, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Boom Supersonic

“I’d heard a lot about FTE Global from industry colleagues and it has certainly met my expectations. The conference sessions have been very interesting, and it has been my pleasure to take part.”

Christoph Rufenacht, Director Capital Facilities Development, Vancouver Airport Authority

“FTE Global was definitely a great opportunity for us to network and to learn from all the players that are changing the airline industry and the travel industry. During three days we were exposed to lots of insights and we were exposed to a broader way of approaching our business.”

Alessandro Fusaro, Coordinator Digital Marketing & Innovation, SkyTeam

“It has been great attending FTE Global. The conference sessions have really informed our thinking and the Co-creation Forums were particularly good in generating a high level of interaction. FTE Global is highly recommended – I will definitely attend again.”

Max Coppin, Partner Development Manager, Google

“The event has been very insightful. I’ve been to a lot of conferences, and the knowledge gained at FTE Global is unique and innovative. It’s very good that the event is all about collaboration. I will take some nice concepts home with me.”

Maria Rosario C. Jocson, Assistant Vice President, Centre for Customer Management, Marketing Department, Philippine Airlines

“As always, I come away inspired, with lot of ideas and new perspectives to try to push my organisation even further.”

Guðmundur Daði Rúnarsson, Technical and Infrastructure Director, Keflavik Airport

“I really enjoyed the event and seeing lots of interesting airlines and technologies. Highlights for me were the NASA and TSA talks and the collaboration work between the partners. There are differences we have, but it is very interesting to make it all come together.”

Lilian Narumi, Passenger Services Manager, Singapore Airlines

“I’ve been asked by a number of people how FTE compares to other events on the aviation circuit. My response is that it’s very much a case of “quality over quantity”, with a more focused selection of relevant speakers and discussion topics, rather than the broad brush approach used by others. It’s this focus on quality speakers, innovation and informative topics that makes FTE the success that it is.”

Martin Bowman, Aviation Technology Director, Deloitte

“The sharing amongst partners airlines and operators is what makes this show unique. Everybody gives a lot of insights on the issues and challenges of the industry and it is good to hear that there are similarities in the issues we are all facing.”

Alphonsus Chan, Senior Associate - IT Infrastructure, Changi Airport

“The show has been tremendous so far. I managed to see some incredible presentations from a lot of great people from inside the industry. We were able to meet with a lot of vendors with whom we have talked to before, but it is great to meet them here in person, which makes it a lot more efficient for us to make decisions on how we drive the guest experience for passengers. For me, this event is really forward looking – it’s not just about what people have accomplished, but about what they were trying to accomplish. So, I think that’s very valuable, as we are trying to move the industry forward.”

Bobby Schroeter, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Spirit Airlines

“Compared to some of the other industry events which are a lot broader, FTE really focuses on innovation, so that makes it different. It is always about new ideas and new technologies that could be applied in real life problems, so that’s what makes it unique.”

Suhail Kadri, Vice President IT, Hamad International Airport

“I found FTE Global 2018 to be a wonderful gateway to engage with a wide array of industry stakeholders, and to learn across the diverse subjects covered in the four conference tracks. The keynote speakers were spectacular, and I found the involvement of leaders in parallel sectors such as Disney and MGM Resorts very beneficial, as we search for synergies between the hospitality and airline industries, exceeding our Guest Expectations. I look forward to attending next year's show!”

Chris van Rensburg, Director Guest Experience, WestJet

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Future Travel Experience Global 2021 is an independent global forum that brings together airlines, airports, government agencies, vendors, start-ups, terminal designers, architects, ground handlers, destination partners and various other travel industry stakeholders to define tomorrow’s end-to-end passenger experience and business performance opportunities.


Future Travel Experience Global 2021
- December 2021
ARIA Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, United States